Yes, those stake dudes in Elden Ring really are screaming at you

If you’ve ever heard some mysterious, horrific screaming while walking around Elden Ring, and you’ve already checked to make sure that it wasn’t just you, there’s a good chance it was a bunch of dudes up on some stakes.

The Shrieking Stake Dudes are especially common in Limgrave, and it feels like every few days some hapless Tarnished will post a clip wondering if these guys have always been this loud. Reddit user Finnasforealus, who says they’ve only recently noticed these guys after putting 200 hours into Elden Ring, shared a clip of their wailing just today, prompting equally surprised reactions from other players in the replies. 

ive_just_noticed_after_200_hours_that_these_guys from r/Eldenring

There are several groups of these unfortunate ghouls scattered around the Lands Between, and you can find some of them right at the start of the game. Look for a trio of bats just northeast of the first Site of Grace. There’s a group of screaming dudes right by them. If you can’t hear them, try coming back at night; they seem to be, uh, chattier after the sunsets. There are also quite a few near graveyards, just in case things weren’t ominous enough. 

These screaming NPCs are among Elden Ring’s most harrowing bits of environmental storytelling. The game is set in a world where the cycle of life and death has been disrupted, and while this is good news for the Tarnished since their functionally eternal lives let them overcome virtually anything on their journey to become Elden Lord, it can leave others doomed to fates worse than death. These undead are basically living through the torture of Prometheus, and even without the whole eagle thing, it doesn’t seem too comfy. 

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