Xbox Series X and PS5 restocks hit Walmart today

Walmart Plus

Today’s Walmart PS5 restock is reserved for Walmart Plus (opens in new tab) members. At $13 a month, you’re getting some solid value out of other benefits like fast shipping, but the real incentive here is access to that all-important console. With so many retailers reserving their console stock for paying members, this is one of the cheaper subscriptions being offered right now. 

Walmart has now confirmed that its next PS5 restock wave will hit today, Monday, March 14. That means it’s time to ready the engines and get refreshing; this drop is still going to move fast when it lands at 12pm ET (opens in new tab). Once again, this PS5 restock is reserved for fully paying Walmart Plus members (free trial subscribers won’t be eligible here). If you’re not a member, though, we’d recommend jumping in on that $13 per month subscription (opens in new tab) – Walmart has been restricting its PS5 restocks to its loyal members for some time now and we don’t expect it to stop any time soon. 

Today’s PS5 restock also comes with Xbox Series X stock if you’re after Microsoft’s answer to the current generation. Both models will be on the shelves for the standard $499 MSRP. 

It’s been a couple of weeks since Walmart last let us in on new console stock. The last time the PS5 graced those virtual shelves was February 24, and stock has been limited across the country ever since. GameStop has been picking up the slack a little, offering in-store drops, but these restocks are largely focused on high-cost bundles at over $600. If you’re just after the console by itself, today’s Walmart PS5 restock is looking strong. 

Today’s Walmart PS5 restock

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PS5 | $499.99 at Walmart (opens in new tab)
Walmart will have the PS5 in stock for $499.99 at 12pm ET today (Monday, March 14). Though this drop is limited to Walmart Plus members only, it’s still going to be a race to the checkout, so warm up that refresh button and be sure to get on site in plenty of time.

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PS5 Digital Edition | $399.99 at Walmart (opens in new tab)
If you’re looking to save a little cash, you can go all digital with the $399.99 model. While you’re spending less on your console in the first place, though, it’s worth noting that your games will likely run up a higher cost in the long term here.

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Today’s Walmart Xbox Series X restock

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Xbox Series X | $499.99 at Walmart (opens in new tab)
Walmart is also hosting an Xbox Series X restock today, offering Microsoft’s console for the standard $499.99 MSRP. Again, this 12pm ET drop is reserved for Walmart Plus members.

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Our PS5 restock top tips

Walmart’s PS5 restock is going to move fast, which is why it’s important to arm yourself ahead of time. Preparing for a PS5 or Xbox Series X restock is serious business, but we’ve been covering these console shortages since launch and have picked up a few tips and tricks along the way. 

1. Sign up to Walmart Plus
This one’s a little obvious, but is worth reiterating – today’s PS5 restock is reserved for Walmart Plus members. Walmart has been hiding its stock behind this paywall for months now, and with no sign of letting up it’s well worth investing the $13 to get on this list.

2. Save your payment and shipping details – stay signed in
Make sure you stay signed into Walmart throughout the day, and save your payment and shipping details to your account. Any time you can save at checkout is going to be valuable once this stock drop lands. Once you’ve wrestled a console into your cart you’re not going to want to lose it to snipers because you spent too long finding your card information.

3. Get there early
You really do need to be in the right place at the right time to scoop up a PS5 or Xbox Series X restock. Thankfully, Walmart has already told us where to be and when – so you just need to make sure you’re there in plenty of time. Once you’re on the product page it’s much easier to refresh after 12pm ET hits than it is to navigate through the site.

4. Keep refreshing
This isn’t going to be smooth sailing. Walmart’s site regularly drops out during big stock drops (and today we have both consoles hitting the shelves). That means you’ll need to brute force your way through to see stock, refreshing every time you see an out of stock message – and continually adding to cart once you spot a chance to do so. You might get kicked back to the product page a few times, but as long as you’re persistent there’s a good chance of walking away with a console – just make sure there’s only one in your cart by the end of the battle. 

Check for PS5 restocks

We’re rounding up all the latest PS5 deals on the best PS5 accessories, as well as all the latest Xbox Series X restock updates as well. 

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