World of Tanks gets free mobile Assistant app has launched a new app to help players stay connected with its popular RTS, World of Tanks. The WoT Assistant, free on iTunes (opens in new tab) with an Android version to follow shortly, allows on-the-go access to player stats, global rankings, news and social functions, as well as tracking personal stats such as in-game progress and balance.

Above: A group of tanks gets ready to raid a 16-man instance

Honestly, not to bang the old “wow, technology” drum, but can you imagine how the real wars of the mid-20th Century would have played if this sort of thing had been around? Permanent access to player progress and tank condition, the instant ability to compare records and results with the enemy… the whole thing would’ve been done in an afternoon. Or possibly accelerated rapidly into Mutually Assured Destruction. Or maybe Churchill would have gotten distracted playing Angry Birds and the whole thing would’ve gone much as it did – look, we’re not military strategists.

Anywho, you can get the WoT Assistant from the iTunes Store (opens in new tab), which also offers a free preview of the game in the form of’s About WoT (opens in new tab) app.

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