Weekend Spent: Oct 27-28 – Which games will be taking over your weekend?

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Justin: I’m totally addicted to High Score runs on NiGHTS HD (opens in new tab), currently just blitzing Spring Valley to the point where I’m top of the Xbox Live scoreboard with 848,740. Not sure I’ll be happy until I’ve cracked a solid one million (if it’s even possible). I’m also up to level 34 on Borderlands 2 (opens in new tab) with my girlfriend in co-op, which will probably take up a lot of this weekend too. I’ll also be playing something racing-shaped to prepare for some content next week, so look out for that…

Sterling: So, I suppose I can admit it now. I’ll be spending the weekend finally finishing off Assassin’s Creed III (opens in new tab) in time for Tuesday’s review. Here’s what I can tell you without violating any embargoes or spoiling the game for you: It takes place in Colonial America. I’ve killed the male population of Sheffield, England, circa 1774 at this point. And finally, I’ve taken lots of swan dives off of the roofs of tall buildings. I will be boosting those numbers even more ahead of my impending deadline.

Brian: This weekend will be spent burning rubber in the snowless, digital version of Colorado in Forza Horizon (opens in new tab). There’s something satisfying about doing crazy things, like weaving through cars at speeds over 100 mph, that you would normally think twice about doing in your actual car.

Ryan: Know what? I actually kind of enjoyed 2010’s Medal of Honor (opens in new tab)–so, mediocrity be damned, I’m gonna slog through Warfighter (opens in new tab) no matter how uncomfortable I get by its creepily-rendered characters that have a tendency to stare at me through the screen. I’m also be finishing off some sort of Vita game that has assassins (opens in new tab) in it or something in time for Tuesday’s review. So, yeah. This’ll be quite the busy weekend for me.

Sophia: After spending a lovely week in Bath and London, visiting the fine folks from the other side of the pond, I am sooooo ready to return to my own bed. I brought my 3DS with me and about five games thinking I’d actually have time to play. My first order of business gaming wise when I get back is to try Dishonored (opens in new tab) again and hopefully not slaughter everyone that I come across.

Cooper: I’m reviewing Hitman: Absolution (opens in new tab) and recently got my hands on an early copy, so I’ll be spending my time in the shoes of the illustrious Agent 47 as he stealthily kills everyone in sight. That’s how I play Hitman games, by the way: Not like a shooter or anything, but as a ghost, killing everyon–OH GOD I JUST GOT MY COPY OF ASSASSIN’S CREED (opens in new tab) NEVERMIND I’M DOING THAT INSTEAD BYE.

Tom: This time of year, I fall into a bit of a hysteria. I look to my right, see Dishonored, and start screaming. I look to my left, see XCOM, and start screaming. I look straight ahead, see Halo 4, and start screaming. I look to my diagonal right, see Assassin’s Creed 3, and start screaming. I look to my diagonal left, see Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and start screaming. I look to my right, see Dishonored, and start screaming. I look to my left…

Lucas: I honestly have no idea what to play this weekend, and it’s scaring me. Perhaps in a frantic scramble to fulfill my personal gaming quota, I’ll boot up animated adventure game Deponia. Maybe I’ll find time to jump into Doom 3 BFG Edition, like I’ve been meaning to. Or maybe I’ll just stay in bed and sleep all of Saturday and Sunday. The possibilities are endless!

Henry: Though I’m hoping to finally give Darksiders II a try this weekend, my time will mainly be spent wrapping up my review playthroughs of a couple games. You’ll be seeing my review of WWE 13 Monday night, while the portable game I’m reviewing is still a ways off. If there’s any time in-between those (hint: there won’t be) I’ll try to finally embrace Death in Darksiders.

So that’s what we’re doing. What are you playing this weekend? Will you be stricken with “choosing a game to play” anxiety like Tom?

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