Watch the new Ice Age 4 trailer online now

Ice Age 4 , or Ice Age: Continental Drift , to give it its full title, has release a full-length trailer that you can watch online now.

All the familiar characters that you’ve come to expect – Sid, Manny, Diego and scene-stealing prehistoric squirrel Scrat – are present and correct, in a film that looks to be offering more of the same, in a crowdpleasing kinda way, rather than attempting to reboot the franchise.

So what’s new? Well this time around, the melt is continuing, and it provides an ideal opportunity for the core trio to get split off from their families ahead of another epic journey home.

Well, if it ain’t broke… right? The previous entry in the franchise, Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs raked in an astonishing amount of dosh worldwide ($887m, if you must know), so it’s no surprise to see the filmmakers playing it safe.

Watch the Ice Age: Continental Drift trailer online now:


There’s a few cute gags and a couple of fresh faces thrown into the mix for good measure, so beleaguered parents need not fear. If there wasn’t enough Scrat in that trailer for you, check out The Scratist , a parody of Oscar-winning silent hit, The Artist .

Ice Age: Continental Drift opens on 6 July 2012. Keep up to date with the film’s Facebook page .

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