Warner Bros eyeing an A-list director for Twilight Zone movie

According to a report by Variety , Warner Bros have set their sights high for the new take on Twilight Zone , with Christopher Nolan, Michael Bay and Alfonso Cuarón on the directorial wish list.

Although, for this version, WB aren’t looking for the directors to tackle a segment each as a part of a portmanteau piece; they want one person to helm a single-storyline feature (unlike the 1983 version).

Nolan is apparently the favourite, not surprising given his track record with the studio, but Variety suggests he might be put off by the film’s similarity to Inception .

It’s also hard to imagine Nolan taking on a project that he hasn’t had total creative control over at this stage in his career.

WB are said to be keen to work with Bay, and Cuarón has history with the studio, having recently shot Gravity for them (and let’s not forget his work on Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban ).

Also in the mix is Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes ‘ Rupert Wyatt, who’s described as the “dark horse” after the success (critical and commercial) of that movie this summer.

It’s hard to imagine Bay generating spooks with any kind of subtlety, whereas we know Cuarón can create atmosphere to spare. It’d also be nice to see Wyatt given the reins on another big project.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way is also producing duty, although there’s no hint at a release date for the new Twilight Zone yet.

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