WAKFU beta key giveaway: 1000 more chances to get in, and a fresh new video

About a month ago we offered up 1000 closed beta keys for WAKFU, Square-Enix’s colorful and gorgeously animated MMO. They went pretty quickly, so chances are many of you didn’t get a chance to partake in the fun. Well, now we have an additional 1000 keys, as well as a hot new video, so if you’re itching for a thoroughly non-WoW MMO experience, hop in before they’re gone!

Here’s the new vid:

Not to be confused with the previous one:

For more information on how WAKFU plays, hit up ourrecent hands-on(which accompanied the last beta giveaway). We’ve also got a batch of screens for your consideration as well:

1. Login towww.gamesradar.com. If you’re not already a member,click here (opens in new tab)to register. It only takes a moment.
2. Head to ourWAKFU closed beta key page (opens in new tab)to get your code.
3. Make a note of your code and head to theofficial WAKFU website (opens in new tab)to create an account and redeem your key.
4. Enjoy.

NOTE: These codes are for the North American beta only. It’s an open beta in other parts of the world, so you don’t need a code to join. Also, the registration website has had some intermittent technical trouble, so if you couldn’t get in yesterday, maybe try again today. Might be fixed!

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