All Uncharted The Lost Legacy collectibles and locations, including treasures, lock boxes and more

Finding all the Uncharted The Lost Legacy collectibles is a big challenge, a treasure-hunting odyssey that’ll have you scouring the globe. Why so tough? Well, because to get a full roster you’ll need to find 68 treasures, take 28 opportune photos, open 21 lock boxes, and initiate 17 optional conversations. Clearly Uncharted: The Lost Legacy takes no prisoners, but we’re here to help, showing you how to find all the Uncharted The Lost Legacy collectibles locations in our comprehensive, easy-to-read guide. Fortune and glory!

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1 Treasure, 1 Photo Opportunity

Photo Opportunity 1
When you follow the girl down the stairs in the market, go straight ahead.

Treasure 1 – Ganesh Figurine
As you continue through the market, you’ll receive this treasure as part of the story.

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