This Skyrim mod will make you regret your goofy Dragonborn name

A Skyrim fan has created a mod that allows NPCs to say your name out loud, which certainly makes the classic RPG more immersive – depending on what you’ve named your Dragonborn. 

Dan Ruta explains over on Nexus Mods that they’ve gone through the game and picked out all the lines where you’re referred to as Dragonborn. In its place, you’ve now got a file that will take your chosen name and those lines and regenerate them. 

“You just need to do a ‘Find+Replace of ___’ with your own custom name in the .csv file – don’t use Excel, use notepad or some other text editor, Excel has been known to break the formatting – before running it through xVASynth,” the modder explains. “You can then drop the output into the game folder, and that’s it”. 

You can find the full instructions on the Nexus Mods page.  (opens in new tab)

How immersive this makes Skyrim depends on what you’ve chosen to name your Dragonborn. One popular clip on Reddit has run with ‘xX_dragon_killer_420_69_Xx’, ‘Bob McBobface’, and, naturally, ‘Todd Howard’. All of them synchronise nicely, so it never sounds as if a voice clip has merely been forced in there. The only thing that breaks the immersion is, you know, the goofy name you’ve given the poor Dragonborn. 

While attention might be shifting to Starfield, Skyrim players are finding plenty of ways to keep the old game fun. We’ve got mods that give NPCs the ability to reject your marriage proposals, turn Skyrim into a Harry Potter RPG, and another that goes full American Idol. All of them are grand. 

Here are the best Skyrim mods if you’re looking for more. 

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