This Elden Ring player is bringing Will Smith’s infamous slap to the Lands Between

An Elden Ring player named Will Smith is bringing the actor’s infamous Oscars slap to the Lands Between. 

As TheGamer (opens in new tab) first spotted, a player named Will Smith (all caps) was captured by Redditor /u/the_ginger_one367 (opens in new tab) entering their game. In a post titled “dude just slap me and left”, we can see the Will Smith impersonator sauntering up to a player, delivering a single slap, and then walking away, only to disappear. Check it out:

dude_just_slap_me_and_left from r/Eldenring

If you’ve done your best to stay out of the pop culture zeitgeist as of late, this is a clear reference to an incident that happened during last week’s Oscars, where Will Smith walked up to Chris Rock during his monologue (which included a joke at Smith’s wife Jada’s expense) and slapped him across the face. He spat an expletive-laced warning at Rock before heading back to his seat. 

There’s no shouting to be found here, of course, as WILL SMITH is a lot more considerate and even-tempered than what we saw from the actor. 

What’s interesting is the fact that other players have also seen this very same interaction play out in their games. Many are simply copycats presumably looking to recreate the original clip, but few have managed to recapture the moment as well as WILL SMITH does in the clip above.

If you’re hanging out in Elden Ring in the near future and see a similarly-named player nearing ever closer, brace yourself. You may be in for a slap. 

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