This Elden Ring companion app allows you to track quests, locations and NPCs

You can now track your progress in Elden Ring with this handy companion app.

By their very nature, From Software games aren’t particularly generous with their information, a deliberate design that’s intended to add to their difficulty. Despite this, a much-requested feature since fans first set foot in The Lands Between is the ability to track quests. And thanks to The Shattered Ring app (opens in new tab), you can now do just that.

Available on iOS, the app allows you to add quests and notes, see which NPC gave you a particular quest and filter your Tarnished’s to-do list by complete and incomplete. Locations can also be added with helpful details like the amenities and NPCs available in that area. 

Being an open-world game, there’s a lot going on in Elden Ring, and keeping track of all its various elements, can be a real challenge. The app’s developer, Dachary Carey, recognised this and created the software to add accessibility to the game for himself and others.

Speaking to VGC (opens in new tab), Carey said, “I’m not an iOS developer by trade. I write documentation for a living”. He added, “But I wanted to enjoy playing this game so badly that I wrote my very first app to solve what I think is a big accessibility barrier for a ton of more casual gamers like myself”.

The Shattered Quest iOS app isn’t limited to just Elden Ring. Because you enter the information manually, it can be used with any RPG you like.

The new app may prove popular given that Elden Ring is larger and more complex than originally planned.

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