The Walking Dead season 11 forgot to edit out Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s cell phone in slip-up

We all remember Game of Thrones’ infamous coffee cup mistake. In its final season, Daenerys was accompanied by a seriously out-of-place Starbucks and a pop culture legend was born. Not to be outdone, The Walking Dead has its own endgame slip-up – courtesy of a scene involving Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan.

The Walking Dead season 11 episode 14 features a tension-filled standoff between the former leader of the Saviors and Glenn and Maggie’s son, Herschel.

Herschel pulls a gun on Negan and, as he begins to slowly retreat and sit down, you can see a suspiciously phone-shaped object that has seemingly slipped out the back of his pocket.

Me being cheeky for a moment lol, but not only does Negan have a new group, wife and baby on the way … but he also apparently has a new cell phone service as well lol #TheWalkingDead 😅 28, 2022

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“There have been a few instances in the show where you can see it in his pocket in scenes,” one viewer said (opens in new tab) – perhaps referencing a moment in The Walking Dead’s seventh season where you can clearly see the outlet of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s phone in his pocket (H/T (opens in new tab)). Others also debated whether an iPhone (or similar) could exist in The Walking Dead’s universe. Aaron, after all, has an older model iPhone seen in previous seasons – but this looks far newer.

If Negan has been using his phone, he’ll know that he and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) are set to have a post-season 11 future in Walking Dead spin-off Isle of the Dead. That joins the current slate of spin-offs, including a Carol and Daryl series, plus an anthology entitled ‘Tales of the Walking Dead.’

For more on The Walking Dead’s future plans, check out The Walking Dead season 11 release schedule.

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