The most tragic NPC in Elden Ring was forgotten due to a typo

An Elden Ring modder has discovered a tragically forgotten NPC who’s doomed to toil in obscurity due to an unfortunate typo.

During the first phase of the boss fight in Raya Lucaria against Rennala, you have to deal with a room full of ‘sweetings,’ young scholars who crawl around and harass you as you fight the Queen of the Full Moon herself. Several times throughout the fight, Rennala will call on three of these sweetings to form a bubble shield around her.

The chosen sweetings could be any three in the room, except for one lonely soul in the back corner. As modder Grimrukh (opens in new tab) has discovered, sweeting number 21 has the ID number of 14000830 in the game files – but a typo causes Rennala to call out for ID number 140008230, meaning that this particular NPC can never fulfill her role.

Deep #ELDENRING lore: the Forsaken Sweetling of Raya Lucaria.There is one sweetling in the back corner of the Library who will NEVER be chosen to protect Rennala’s golden barrier. She has ID 14000830, but due to an event script typo, will never be able to serve her Queen. 😢 14, 2022

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So next time you’re running through Raya Lucaria, pour one out for this NPC, doomed to perish in obscurity due to a single mispressed key. (Man, the worst I get for a typo is an email from a pedantic reader.)

Modder Grimrukh has certainly been busy, developing a Survival Mode for Elden Ring that forces you to fight hunger, thirst, and the need for crafting materials alongside all the most intimidating monsters of the Lands Between. They’ve also worked on Dark Souls: Nightfall, a fan-made “direct sequel” to FromSoftware’s classic.

Even months after launch, players are making new discoveries in Elden Ring – and not all of them are coming from poking around the game files. Numerous players are still learning about things like Melina’s secret summon, and some sad souls are still coming to terms with the consequences of Fia’s hugs.

None of the best FromSoftware games will disappoint.

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