TalkRadar 162 – Down with Zelda from the very start



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They can’t all be legendary. Or can they?

Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta video: Full Access Playthrough (opens in new tab)
VIDEO: Thrill as the GR gang gets their asses handed to them in multiple modes

QOTW: Question 162: Ever been prohibited from playing a game? (opens in new tab)
Back when vija-games were still the scourge of the old west, a bunch of parents, teachers and busybodies actually blocked us from playing the shit we wanted to. Apparently, we thought of this question, and not many of the hosts had a legitimate answer, so we opened up to anything. Movies, shows, books, magazines, WHATEVER! Let us know. Cause we all know only the coolest stuff gets banned

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In the

Above: Brett saw this painfully un-American advertising and had to share it

Above: Our guys doing their best to FAP a glitchy Uncharted 3 beta

Above: We pour out 40s responsibly

Above: Thanks very much Bryan for sending us this great art!

In the

Above: Batman5273made Chris plenty happy with this one

Above: Batman5273 also found time to wish the ailing Mr. Reparaz well, as should you all at @mikelreparaz on Twitter

Above: MrSuitMan continued his pixel tributes to GR with images of Mike Grimm, Tyler Nagata, and even fan/artist Batman5273

Above: Bladdercat shows the right amount of pride for TDar

Above: And Poiman closes out the group

Post date: July 1, 2011
T-Dar156 length: 1:52:03
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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