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The best Minecraft shaders to make your world feel real

The best Minecraft shaders will completely change the way the game looks, altering light and shadow with either realistic or heightened, stylised elements. Want a scarier experience? Find a Minecraft shader that deals in deep, oppressive shadows in which anything could be lurking. Want something more fanciful? There are shaders …

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How to get Merciless weapons and armor in V Rising

V Rising Merciless weapons and armor are special, improved weapons that can be crafted by players who unlock the specific crafting recipes, done by either researching at your Castle or hunting enemies for random drops. From there, you can craft merciless versions of all the V Rising best weapons and …

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How to build a shelter in Ark Survival Evolved

Knowing how to build a shelter in Ark Survival Evolved means you’ll be able to protect yourself from the elements so you can stay warm and dry, while also staying out of sight from predators who may otherwise attack you, whether they’re beast or human. Along with crafting Ark Survival …

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