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Amazon offers first PS5 restock in over a month

Amazon dropped its first PS5 restock in weeks today, and while that $499.99 Disk Edition (opens in new tab) has sold out of its first wave (by the looks of it anyway), we’d recommend checking back in regularly. Retailers often launch their PS5 stock drops in waves, switching supply off …

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PS5 keyboard and mouse support explained

PS5 keyboard and mouse support is a big deal for those who love to play games in a slightly more traditional way, using the full spectrum of keyboard inputs rather than the simpler, more streamlined DualSense controller. But does the PS5 have mouse and keyboard support?  Yes it does, though …

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How to transfer PS4 games to PS5

To transfer PS4 games to PS5 isn’t as painful as you’d think, so those upgrading between consoles can move all their data from one console to the other with the minimum amount of pain and peril. More than that, there’s several means and ways you can choose to transfer your …

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