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How to solve the Horizon Forbidden West Vista Points

Unlocking all nine of the Horzion Forbidden West Vista Points is not only a journey into the past, but a sometimes awkward series of collectables in the game.  You’ll find each of the Vista Points scattered across the map, with each little mission started by scanning telephone points that look …

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Horizon Forbidden West ending explained

The Horizon Forbidden West ending is quite the bombshell, as you’d hope from a story like Aloy’s latest. Here we’ll explore the biggest plot points, how they’ll no doubt tie into an inevitable sequel. But, before we go any further, here’s your spoiler warning for Horizon Forbidden West.  Do not …

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Where to find Horizon Forbidden West Greenshine

Horizon Forbidden West Greenshine is a vital upgrading and trading resource. There are slivers, fragments, chunks, clusters and slabs to be found all over the map, sometimes out in the open, sometimes hidden away or needed special pieces of gear to reach. Coming up we’re going to show you all …

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