Super-rare Metal Gear collectible to be given away on Facebook

The Facebook page for this year’sGolden Joystick Awards (opens in new tab)is offering a genuinely unique incentive to grow its followers: if they reach 15,000 fans by the end of July it will give away an ultra-collectable (and valuable) Metal Gear Kubrick figure.

This was posted on the page yesterday:

“My most valued gaming possession: the ultra rare Olive Drab Snake Kubrick figure. 1 of a 100 and, crucially, still boxed… read about ithere (opens in new tab). Someone wins it, if we get 15,000 likes by the end of July. Yeah, I know I said 10,000 before, but this thing is more VALUABLE than I realised.”

Above: Rare? Hens’ teeth have got nothing on this bad boy. And it’s never been opened either. Mummy

We sit in the same office as the Golden Joystick’s team and know how much this means to the person involved, not least because they’ve resisted the urge to unbox the thing for six years. That, and the fact it’s like giving away %26pound;250/$400.

Fancy a shout? Like away over at

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