Free sex toys offered to women who arent getting enough sex because all the men are playing Diablo 3

A French online purveyor of adult rudery is using the recent launch of Diablo III to generate a bit of publicity for itself. The company, called Absoloo, is offering a free sex toy to any mademoiselle that posts a picture of herself holding a copy of Diablo III to Absoloo’s Facebook page.

The idea behind the campaign is that the release of Diablo III has had a negative impact on the sexual needs of women because gaming men are notoriously bad at having sex when they’re distracted by such compelling virtual activities as looting and levelling-up and so during this temporary dry patch women should use a rubberised mechanical phallus in order to satisfy libido expectations.

The campaign in no way relies on gender stereotyping.

Above: Diablo III (top) and a typical French woman

I was going to post some pictures of the women who have uploaded pictures of themselves to Absoloo’s Facebook page, but instead I decided to make a graph that illustrates the problem of the declining amount of sex women receive from men when Diablo III has been released. Here it is:

Above: This graph is meant as a visual joke and should not be used for scientific research purposes

As far as I can tell – and admittedly my understanding of the French language is tres petite – Absoloo is not running an equivalent promotion for any sex-starved monsieur who has cruelly lost his belle to the addictive clutches of Diablo III. But I suppose that’s because women don’t play games. Clearly they are all too busy having a wank.

Our Diablo III review is coming along nicely. If you can stop playing Diablo III long enough you should definitely read it and not have sex with your partner instead.

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