Save big on our favorite controller and a $50 gift card in Dells latest Xbox deals

I always look out for this Xbox deal to share with colleagues, friends, and readers, but this week it’s better than ever. Not only can you save $65 on one of our favorite Xbox (and PC gamepads) right now, but there’s also a $50 Xbox gift card thrown in too. Both the Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro controller and gift card are available for just $144.99 (was $209.99) at Dell (opens in new tab).

For context and price comparison, the controller on its own is going for $139.99 at the likes of Best Buy and Amazon today. This means you’re getting both items here for basically the cost of the controller – or, to put it another way, you’re getting the game pad for that $139.99 price, and the $50 Xbox gift card for *checks notes* the grand total of $5. This is seriously excellent value and one of the best Xbox deals we’ve seen this Spring!

And that value is reinforced further because the Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro controller is absolutely one of the best Xbox Series X controllers and best PC controllers you can get. Period. It offers players an incredible amount of flexibility and versatility to be able to play games on Xbox consoles and PC exactly the way they want to or need to – and use the controller’s features and customisation options to gain edges and advantages too.

Today’s best Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro controller deals

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Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro | + $50 Xbox gift card | $210 $144.99 at Dell (opens in new tab)
Save $65 – This is a great Xbox deal no matter how you cut it. This is basically the price of the controller on its own at Amazon or Best Buy right now! And we can’t overstate the quality enough; it really is one of the very top third-party controller Xbox Series X controllers money can buy.

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Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro | £160 £119.99 at Thrustmaster (opens in new tab)
Save £40 – Going straight to the source looks to be the best option for UK shoppers right now, and this price is actually the UK’s lowest ever price! Or you could go to Amazon UK (opens in new tab) where you’ll find it with a smaller discount of £13.

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To furnish you with a few more details, the eSwap X Pro controller is a wired Xbox and PC controller with a modular design which means you can replace the D-Pad and sticks at will. This enables you to reform and change the very functionality of the controller however you prefer it, and crucially, to however you need it depending on what games you’re playing. Throw in some awesome cosmetic alterations, and also some great button remapping customisation options, and you really do have a brilliant gamepad that can offer something extra. You can read my full Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro review for a deeper rundown on how it performs.

More of today’s best Xbox controller deals

Of course, this is more of a specialist controller so could be a bit more than you’re looking for. If that’s the case then check out the listings below provided by our deal-hunting tech that shows the latest and lowest prices for other Xbox controllers.

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