Safety Not Guaranteed team to rewrite Flight Of The Navigator remake

Disney’s remake of Flight Of The Navigator has acquired a new pair of writers in Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly.

The Safety Not Guaranteed director (Trevorrow) and writer (Connolly) will rework an initial script turned in by Brad Copeland (best known for his work on Arrested Development ).

The appointment would appear to be a shrewd move, seeing as the pair tackle time-travel and comedy to great effect in Safety , and they could bring a rough-and-ready charm to Flight Of The Navigator .

According to Variety (opens in new tab) ’s report, the remake is being developed as a possible directing vehicle for Trevorrow.

The original Flight… opened in 1986, and became something of a cult hit. It followed the adventures of a boy who woke up in a ditch, eight years in the future, before befriending a talking AI-controlled spaceship.

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