Ryan Reynolds says Green Lantern isnt a comedy

green lantern

Hot on the heels of the newly-revealed (opens in new tab) Green Lantern footage, the movie’s star Ryan Reynolds has spoken out in defence of the comic adap’s tone.

Aware that his rep as a comedian – paired with the divisive footage released so far – might be a cause for concern, Reynolds has moved to appease potentially worried fanboys.

“They were worried about it,” Reynolds tells the Los Angeles Times . “Fanboys are known to have a very loud voice. They’re known to beat their chest hard when they like or dislike something, and that’s all part of the game.”

Endeavouring to temper any ill feeling towards his comic movie tentpole, Reynolds went on to explain:

“I know, because I was an integral part of the shooting process, that the movie is not a comedy at all. The levity is really kind of more in a Han Solo kind of vein than anything broader.”

Boy do we hope he’s right.

Green Lantern opens 17 June.

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