Rolling Thunder actress Linda Haynes talks Quentin Tarantino


You may not have seen Rolling Thunder , but there’s one big reason why you should be keen to check it out: Quentin Tarantino loves it!

The film’s getting a Blu-ray premiere this month; it’ll be available on Double Play from 30 January.

In the exclusive interview clip above, taken from the Special Edition Double Play, actress Linda Haynes talks about Tarantino’s relationship with the film, and explains why she turned down the opportunity to cameo in his episode of ER .

Check out the full interview now!

Here’s the official synopsis of Rolling Thunder :

“When Major Charles Rane (William Devane) returns home to San Antonio, Texas, he is given a true hero’s welcome. He and his friend, John Vohden (Tommy Lee Jones) have endured 8 years of physical and mental torture in a POW camp.

However, the adjustment isn’t going to be easy. His wife has fallen in love with another man, and his son, whom he adores, no longer remembers him. In Rane’s own mind, he is a walking dead man – he died the day he was taken prisoner.

However, what Rane doesn’t know is that his experiences as a POW are nothing compared to the ordeal he is about to face.

The unthinkable happens and Rane, subdued and more distant than when he returned, is forced to plan out his own justice, with the help of his friend Vohden. But there is no sense of pleasure in his task; only the ice cold determination of a man who has suffered too much and refuses to be stopped.”

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