Rock band Incubus launches 8-bit promo game

When a major band’s album leaks online, it’s customary to either steadfastly ignore the event or throw an ineffectual, Jack White-style tantrum. But when Incubus’ new record (fittingly titled If Not Now, When?) turned up online several months in advance, the biggest surprise wasn’t that people were this eager to see what the 20-year-old rock outfit were up to; it was the band’s response.Incubattle: Leak Stopping Band of Destiny (opens in new tab)features River City Ransom-esque deformations of the Incubi (do people call them that?), smashing pirates in a series of setups decidedly influenced by the Final Fight/Double Dragon school of beat ’em ups.

Above: It’s hard to imagine how this image could be Internet-friendlier without the addition of boobs

The game’s the first project by newly-formed “Video Game Arts + Production Company” Kill Screen MFG – whose hippest affiliate, Pitchfork, wouldn’t be caught dead endorsing anything Incubus-related. But if you’re also tight with Sony, whose Epic label represents the band, what are you going to do? Might as well Scott Pilgrim the band up and turn a few of their hits into chiptunes, then set them loose on city streets, elevators, and anywhere else you might have gone in a Capcom brawler circa 1995. It’s unlikely to dissuade anyone from leaking future records – hell, if every band’s response was this unpredictable, people would probably leak more albums – but what do you think of the free game?

Jul 18, 2011

Source:GameSetWatch (opens in new tab)

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