Rian Johnson talks Looper: video interview

Looper finally arrived in UK cinemas this weekend, and if you heeded the advice of our five-star review , you’d have got yourself to a multiplex to see it.

When we caught up with director Rian Johnson, our chat veered into spoiler territory, so we’ve held it back until today to give you a chance to see the film before hearing his thoughts.

So, that’s your warning. If you haven’t seen Looper , and don’t want to be robbed of some of its secrets before your first viewing, bookmark this page now, and come back when you’ve had a chance to see the film.

Still here? Then you’ve seen it (or you just don’t give a damn about spoilers). Like the Total Film office, you probably left your screening exhilarated, and dizzy with questions.

Watch our interview with Johnson to see him discuss deleted scenes, movie influences, the subversion of Bruce Willis’ big-screen hero image and plot twists and interpretations. As Johnson told us, “The twist is it’s simpler than you’d expect it to be, I guess.”

Oh, and if you’ve seen the film, you’ll know it all wraps up in a fairly neat loop, but we also ask Johnson if he’d ever return to Looper ’s future-world for a sequel.


Looper is in cinemas now. You know you want to see it again…

Read our Looper review .

Watch our Looper video interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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