Rebecca Hall in line for Iron Man 3

It’s difficult to keep Marvel down at the minute, but while The Avengers are smashing box office records left right and centre, it looked as though the studio had suffered a minor setback yesterday, with the news that Jessica Chastain had dropped out of Iron Man 3 .

However, just one day later, it seems as though the studio have found themselves a replacement, with Variety reporting that Rebecca Hall is currently in talks to join the superhero sequel.

The role in question has been described as “a sexy scientist”, thought to be Dr. Maya Hansen from Warren Ellis’ Extremis story arc. A genetic engineer, she’s one of the co-creators of the troublesome Extremis virus, used to target nanotechnology.

Unhappily for Tony Stark, that’s the very same technology he’s just introduced in the latest version of his suit, leaving him distinctly vulnerable when the virus goes on sale to some less than savoury characters…

We were quite excited to hear Chastain was attached to this one, but Hall should make for a more than acceptable replacement in her absence. Directed by Shane Black, Iron Man 3 opens in the UK on 3 May 2013.

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