Paul Greengrass taking on Somali pirate film?

paul greengrass

Director Paul Greengrass is currently circling two movie projects as he attempts to decide how to follow up last year’s political thriller Green Zone.

The first is a movie based on the novel A Captain’s Duty . It tracks the real-life encounter between a merchant vessel and Somali pirates.

It’s currently going under the gauche title Maersk Alabama , and has Tom Hanks attached to play Captain Richard Phillips.

The other film piquing Greengrass’ interest is Rush . A Formula One film scripted by Peter Morgan ( The Queen ), it follows racer Niki Lauda’s eventful 1976 season, which saw the driver involved in a near-fatal crash.

Two very different projects, then, but both equally enticing – though the chance to see Greengrass apply his distinct, tension-cranking visual style to a Formula One film definitely gets our vote.

With Green Zone considered something of a box office failure last year, Greengrass is wisely taking time choosing his next film. We can’t wait to see what his final decision is…

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