Nicolas Winding Refn dismisses idea of Drive sequel

While Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn are reuniting for another ultraviolent adventure in the form of Only God Forgives , it sounds as though a sequel to Drive is looking increasingly unlikely.

James Sallis, author of the novel the film was based upon, had previously suggested a sequel was likely, having written a follow-up novel of his own named Driven , and claiming it was set to be converted into a movie.

The novel picks up with the Driver having moved away from his old life and settled down with a woman he intends to marry. However, when she gets herself killed hell breaks loose all over again.

Sound filmable to us, although Refn seems less than keen on the idea. “That is never going to happen,” he says of a potential sequel. “But the character of Driver might return in another film. We’re playing with that idea. We’ll see what happens.”

Sounds like if Refn and Gosling keep working together, we might see that satin jacket again somewhere down the track. In the meantime, Only God Forgives opens in the UK on 28 March 2013.

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