New sideloading law could see Fortnite back on iOS devices

Fortnite could soon be back on iOS devices by way of third-party apps.

A new EU law could see the insanely popular battle royale game available once again on Apple products. If passed, the law – known as the Digital Markets Act – would grant iOS users more freedom over their devices.

As reported by The Verge (opens in new tab), the Digital Markets Act would force Apple to allow its users to access third-party stores on its platform. Users would also be able to install third-party apps, a process known as sideloading. This means that those with iOS devices could download games such as Fortnite through a third-party source. The use of third-party apps is something that Apple has been staunchly against as the company feels that they would compromise its platform’s security.

The DMA hasn’t yet been voted into law, but it’s expected that it will be passed. If this does happen, we could see the legislation come into effect as early as October this year. 

Speaking to The Verge, European Commission spokesperson Johannes Bahrke said, “We believe that the owner of a smartphone should have the freedom to choose how to use it. This freedom includes being able to opt for alternative sources of apps on your smartphone.”

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