New Rayman Origins trailer will cure whatever ails you

Bad day at the office? Crummy class at school? Sometimes all you need to turn your afternoon around is a new trailer for the gorgeously illustrated Rayman Origins; and wouldn’t you know, that’s exactly what we stumbled across this morning. See? You and us, we’re like this.

That man in the bubble is Rayman Origins’ creative head Michel Ancel, who we had a chance to chat with him earlier this month. Asked where he drew his inspiration from for Rayman Origins’ overall style, he told us:

“Rayman is more, I would say, close to nature, and the fact that when you were a kid, you were always discovering things. We don’t remember those periods, but when you are two, when you are three, everything is new, in fact.

Some people say, ‘no, supernatural things, this is not good, this is not rational.’ But we always live in an irrational world, because we don’t understand the world exactly as it is, especially when we were kids. Imagine when you go back in a place, when you were kids, you had the feeling that the place was giant. When you go back when you’re an adult, the size is normal. So that means that when you’re a kid, you thought giants were existing.”

Rayman Origins will be out for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii on November 15 in North America, and November 25th in Europe. Future versions for Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita have also been announced.

Oct 20, 2011

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