New Mortal Kombat DLC trailer highlights Rain and the purple ones history

Mortal Kombat’s been pretty good at staying in the spotlight with a steady stream of post-release content hitting the market. Like Skarlet and Kenshi before him, Rain will soon be hitting the PSN and XBLA, on July 19 in particular. We’ve already seen the watery ninja in action in his gameplay trailer (opens in new tab), now we get to see the story behind the fighter in this new trailer that explains his origins.

An orphan who betrayed his clan for Shao Khan and harnessed the deadly power of drizzle, Rain’s got an interesting in-game history, but the real world origins are nearly as interesting. The character was inspired by a similarly bold star, one that uses the powers of purple for good instead of evil. If purple and rain aren’t enough of a hint for you towards the characters inspiration, we should also add that Rain is the prince of his tribe. Purple… rain… prince… Look, he was inspired by Prince, alright? Boy, are you guys thick.

Above: We’d include a Prince video, but he’s very protective of his copyright, so here’s the best non-Prince song from Purple Rain

Jul 15, 2011

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