New Dragon Tattoo images and featurette online


A new series of images have been released online ahead of the Christmas release of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo , along with a new featurette in which David Fincher and Rooney Mara talk about the upcoming film.

In the interviews, Fincher talks about what initially attracted him to the project, and how he set about casting his characters. Meanwhile, Mara reveals what it was like to take on the role of Lisbeth Salander, a part made famous by Noomi Rapace.

Stellan Skarsgård also pops up to explain the eccentricities of working with a director like Fincher: “He said to me, ‘you know this is not going to be fun’” explains Skarsgard. “‘I do forty takes of each set-up.’ And I went, ‘that can be fun…’”

Check out the new interview footage in the video above, before casting your eye over the latest images below…

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo opens on 26 December 2011.

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