Monster Hunter Rise has a free trial on Switch for Switch Online subscribers

Capcom is giving Switch players the chance to try out all that Monster Hunter Rise has to offer for free – albeit with one caveat.

A full, uncapped free trial is currently available for Nintendo Switch players to give Monster Hunter Rise a try. Running from now until March 17, players in both North America and Europe can try before they buy – but only if they have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Though details are scant, it appears as though all progress made during the free trial period will carry over should you be impressed enough to buy the full game from the Nintendo eShop. 

Don’t be too disappointed if you’re a PC player, though, or you have a Switch but no Switch Online subscription; a free demo is also available for prospective PC players via Steam, too.

Still undecided? Maybe Hirun’s 4 out of 5 star Monster Hunter Rise review (opens in new tab) will help you make up your mind…

“Monster Hunter Rise is a great debut for Capcom’s franchise on the Nintendo Switch, smartly providing sublime new tools to the established arsenal like the Wirebug, and acting as a welcoming point of entry for newcomers with overly welcoming tutorial segments,” he wrote.

“There’s a lot to like about the Rampage missions as a headline addition for the series, however harrowing they might become to face on your own in the latter half of the game. Monster Hunter Rise has the satisfying feeling of a smaller and more compact adventure than 2018’s sprawling World, but tying story progression to the game’s online co-op mode is a little disappointing.”

Did you know Monster Hunter Rise has been remade in Unreal Engine 5 (opens in new tab) by one seriously inspired – and impressive – fan?

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