Minecraft might be getting ray tracing on Xbox Series X very soon

Minecraft could be getting a ray tracing update on Xbox Series X very shortly.

Yesterday, The Verge reporter Tom Warren revealed that the early Preview version of Minecraft (opens in new tab) on Xbox Series X and S had been updated with an option for ray tracing. The new version of Minecraft, which is only available in Preview form right now, appears to be a native build for the new-gen Xbox consoles, complete with ray tracing support.

Minecraft with raytracing on Xbox? The latest Minecraft Preview is optimized for Xbox Series S / X and has early raytracing support 👀 pic.twitter.com/cqH0cuGbtSMarch 28, 2022

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However, this version of Minecraft is only available for Xbox Insiders right now. The Xbox Preview program periodically rolls out games in an early access form for users to try out ahead of their full launch, and so this build of Minecraft isn’t available to the public just yet.

It’s entirely possible that this ray tracing-enabled version of Minecraft could be with Xbox Series X/S users in a matter of months or weeks, if not sooner. As Warren notes in the replies to his original tweet though, this new Preview version doesn’t appear to have any upscale options for 4K output, as that’s limited to the Nvidia DLSS version of Minecraft on PC right now. We’ll have to see whether such options make the jump to consoles.

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