Mega Man X

People unfortunate enough to hear my opinions on a regular basis know where I stand on Mega Man 9 and 10. Even if you%26rsquo;re just looking at them as nostalgic fellatio, I still find it irritating that all Capcom%26rsquo;s main takeaway from Mega Man%26rsquo;s stellar NES legacy was that it was hard sometimes. Capcom then created two intensely cruel, ball-breaking throwbacks as if unrelenting difficulty was the only thing that defined the series.

We%26rsquo;d recommend the first three Mega Man X games over 9 or 10 any day of the goddamned week, and you can finally get it on the Wii%26rsquo;s Virtual Console, and at a reasonable price no less. The first game is arguably the best, but more importantly, it has a far better grasp of what makes a great Mega Man game.

Above: The real Mega Man 10!

It stays true to the spirit of the original series, it%26rsquo;s pretty as all hell, and an outstanding evolution in its own right. Gorgeous 16-bittery, upgradable abilities, hidden secrets that make revisiting levels awesome, an epic soundtrack, and perhaps best of all, A FAIR AND REASONABLE DIFFICULTY!

Above: Storm Eagle is a bastard

Apr 20, 2011

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