Just Add Water teases Oddworld: Hand of Odd

Developer Just Add Water is trading Oddworld HD remakes for the real deal. This week, the studio activated a website for a new Oddworld chapter called Hand of God which, as the source code explains, is a brand new project between Just Add Water and its friends at Oddworld Inhabitants.

“To clarify the #HandofOdd talk, we won’t be talking about this project yet, however I CAN say, it will NOT be like ‘FarmVille’ as some say,” tweeted Just Add Water, later adding, “Oh and DEFINITELY NOT a Facebook game : -/”

Gauging by the confused smiley, it appears some are expecting a browser based Oddworld chapter. It’s good to see Just Add Water shoot down the idea, but we’ll rest easier when it announces a specific console and/or PC release.

Just Add Water is responsible for last year’s Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD remake on PSN, and the forthcoming Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee HD. Back in February, the studio inked a licensing deal with game engine and tech developer Bitsquid for the sole purpose of paving the way for “future Oddworld games”.

We’ll keep you updated with any official announcements. While you’re waiting, let us know what you want from a new Oddworld game.

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