Its Tumbler Day on the Total Film Tumblr!


The Dark Knight Rises is finally hitting cinemas this Friday and to celebrate, we’ve handed over the keys to our tumblr blog to Batman’s Nolan-verse Batmobile, the Tumbler.

Throughout the day we’ll be posting pictures of our favorite entries from our Dark Knight Rises premiere ticket competition onto our Tumblr, , so if you have an account, follow us to see them in your dashboard.

If you don’t have an account, then bookmark our Tumblr and keep coming back for silly gifs / our amateurish photoshop skills. And if you find yourself getting addicted and want to set up your own Tumblr blog, here’s 100 more you can follow .

We’ll be building up to the reveal of the winner this afternoon. The quality of entries were really excellent, so if you didn’t win, take comfort from the fact we still think you’re awesome.

The Dark Knight Rises is out on 20 July. And we’re probably going to go and see it at least ten times. Read our film review of The Dark Knight Rises .

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