Iron Man 3 script will be written by Drew Pearce

iron man 3

Iron Man 3 now has an official writer in the form of Drew Pearce.

Despite rumours that newly-signed director Shane Black would handle the scripting duties as well as the camera-pointing ones, Marvel have hired Pearce to write the Iron Man 3 script.

Pearce has worked with Marvel before, having scribbled the big screen adaptation of Brian K Vaughan’s comic The Runaways – which has yet to make its way into production.

ITV2 viewers will also probably recognise Pearce’s name from the credits of short-lived series No Heroics , which he created.

Clearly Marvel were drawn to Pearce’s experience with both comics and comedies – the latter a key element in the Iron Man franchise.

Deadline report that Pearce will work “closely with Black”, which we imagine could lead to a co-writing credit for Black – how can he not write anything? The man’s a genius.

Iron Man 3 opens 3 May, 2013.

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