Indie Royale now serving Really Big Bundle

The Indie Royale site is barely a couple months old, but already the team appears to be going for the gusto with the launch of their Really Big Bundle promotion. On now until Sunday, the boastful bundle stars five notable indie titles including Boss Baddie’s appropriately titled Really Big Sky, and Zeboyd’s monstrously phenomenal old school RPG, Cthulhu Saves the World.

Other titles featured in the Really Big Bundle are Team Eufloria’s Eufloria, and Mystic Box’s Runespell: Overture. Indie Royale has also thrown in Zeboyd’s second homage to retro role-playing, Breath of Death VII.

Similar to the site’s Launch Bundle in October, the auction does not follow the Humble Indie Bundle’s pay-what-you-want model, but instead charges a minimum price that goes down every time someone spends a little extra cash. The concept is simple: pay more money, and you’ll drive the price down for everyone else, plus get a shiny star for your generosity. Pay the minimum, however, and you’ll be supporting the indie scene while getting your hands on five solid PC/Mac games. Everyone wins!

The Indie Royale set-up also allows for blind pre-orders, which rewards preemptive buyers with extra freebies like, in this case, a free copy of the chiptune album ‘Rise of the Obsidian Intersteller’, created by Fez composer Disasterpeace.

At time of print, the minimum price is hovering around the $4 mark with nearly 25,000 bundles sold. Have some really big fun with your really big donation at the really big Indie Royale website.

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