Grand Theft Auto V larger than GTA IV, San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption together

Information on GTA 5 is pouring forth from the digital pages of the latest Game Informer, and Kotaku has already posted some information online. While we agree with the big green K that you should pick up a copy yourself for the full details, we can’t help but share a bit of the juicy new tidbits on the game slated for spring 2013.

For starters, Los Santos and its surrounding locales are geographically larger than the worlds of Grand Theft Auto IV, San Andreas, and Red Dead Redemption put together. We have no exact figures, but judging solely by the remarkable expanses Rockstar gave us to roam in the latter two games, GTA V will give players a lot of room to roam. In that huge region will be an explorable ocean floor, a military base, and a healthy helping of wilderness.

The game’s three main protagonists (named Michael, Trevor, and Franklin) can be switched between at “nearly any time,” and each has his own skills and social circles. Inactive characters don’t just sit around waiting for you to choose them, either–they go about their own lives. The game takes place in the same “world” as GTA IV, so some familiar faces may appear–think Brucie’s OD’d on shark testosterone yet? GTA IV’s (in)famous friendship dynamics will also return, though Rockstar has apparently nixed the half-baked romances.

Finally, Red Dead Redemption’s dynamic events (you know, stumbling on bandits raiding a stage coach or a woman whose husband is about to be lynched) will reappear in GTA V. Muggers, hitchhikers, and the occasional dead body will add a little narrative direction to open-world wandering, if so desired.

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