Grand Theft Auto IV Superman mods let you wreak havoc on Liberty City

As if Superman wasn’t enough of a dick when he’s temporarily hopped up on red Kryptonite, a handful of crafty GTA IV modders have created ways to let the Metropolis Marvel wreak havoc on the citizens of Liberty City on a full-time basis.

The three-part process begins by downloading and installing the Superman flying mod, created by one nixolas1. It allows PC GTA IV players to evolve their avatar into a fully functional Kryptonian complete with (slightly less speedy) flying powers and the ability to wield weapons from above. A complimentary mod, called Simple Trainer, takes the concept further by granting players access to all three islands, as well as the power over time, weather and gravity. Oh, and just for kicks, it also adds the ability to light innocent civilians on fire (c’mon, you know want to).

In order to complete the Superman transformation, one must also download and install the Superman model, crafted to match Supes’ classic style by H1VItg3. Once complete, players will have the looks, talent and unfettered access to lord over Liberty City however they see fit. And should that mean flying into Brucie Kibbutz balcony and taking him for a romantic midnight flight in the clouds – hey, whatever floats your boat.

Finding and installing the three mods is a bit of a chore. Thankfully, our tech savvy friends at PC Gamer have compiled astep by step guidewhich should make the process a breeze. Get it? Breeze? I’ll show myself out…

And for some more Grand Theft Auto goodness, check out our GTA IV cheats page for codes and walkthroughs for all things GTA IV.

Jul 28, 2011

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