What are Glowing Pokemon in Sword and Shield? Heres why you need to look out for Brilliant Pokemon

Have you spotted any glowing Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield? There’s plenty of them scattered throughout the Galar and they are highly coveted. These Brilliant Pokemon are some of Pokemon Sword and Shield rarest Pokemon, offering different bonuses to the standard creatures you find out in the world. That’s why you should keep your eye on glowing wild Pokemon in Sword and Shield, as they will be a fantastic addition to your party. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s Brilliant Pokemon are a higher level than average Pokemon in the area, will typically come equipped with an unusual move, will earn you Watts for catching (or defeating them), and will have the highest possible score for at least two of their stats. So keep reading to learn more about glowing Pokemon and where to find the best Brilliant Pokemon in Sword and Shield. 

How to find glowing Brilliant Pokemon in Sword and Shield

Pokemon Shield

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The easiest way to encounter glowing wild Pokemon in Sword and Shield is to simply walk through the long grass and keep your eyes peeled for one wandering about with the yellow aura. As you defeat or catch more of a specific Pokemon species, the more likely you are to encounter a Brilliant Pokemon in Sword and Shield (or even the rarer Shiny Pokemon variant) of that same species. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean consecutively, and you can check how many times you’ve encountered each species by checking its entry in the Pokedex.  

Number of battles Effect on future encounters At least oneBrilliant Pokemon may appearAt least 20Brilliant Pokemon have 1.3x the likelihood of appearingAt least 50Brilliant Pokemon have 1.6x the likelihood of appearingAt least 50Shiny Pokemon have 2x the likelihood of appearingAt least 100Brilliant Pokemon have 2x the likelihood of appearingAt least 100Shiny Pokemon have 3x the likelihood of appearingAt least 200Shiny Pokémon have 4× the likelihood of appearingAt least 300Shiny Pokémon have 5× the likelihood of appearingAt least 500Shiny Pokémon have 6× the likelihood of appearing

It’s worth noting that after encountering 100 of each species, you’ll max out your chance of finding a Brilliant Pokemon of that species – it’ll be locked at double the original odds. Plus, every time you defeat a Pokemon in the wild, you’ll be much more likely to see that same Pokemon species appear in the game for a while. 

How to fish for Brilliant Pokemon in Sword and Shield

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Unlike trying to find a Brilliant Pokemon in the grass, getting one via fishing is a little more complicated. Not only does the matter of times you’ve battled any one species not matter, but you will have to defeat as many underwater foes as possible, consecutively, in order to boost your odds. Thankfully it doesn’t matter which Pokemon you battle, just a load from a single fishing area in one chain. Here’s how the odds change:

Successful Hooks Effects on future encounters 0-2Brilliant Pokemon may appear3-6Brilliant Pokemon have 1.3x the likelihood of appearing7-14Brilliant Pokemon have 3.3x the likelihood of appearing15-24Brilliant Pokemon have 6.6x the likelihood of appearing25+Brilliant Pokemon have 16.6x the likelihood of appearing

However, there’s a catch – literally. If you fail to reel a Pokemon in, catch a Pokemon, run away, leave the area, or turn off your game you’ll break your chain. You have to keep defeating Pokemon in order to build up this ‘successful hooks’ and increase your chance of getting a Brilliant Pokemon spawn. 

Looking for something new to play? Nintendo says Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are set to launch in 2022, just months after the release of the brilliant Pokemon Legends Arceus

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