The gAtari guitar will rock your 8-bit face off

If you weren’t at the 2011 Blip Festival in Tokyo last fall, then you weren’t one of the first to witness the raw power of chiptune artists cTrix’s new gAtari guitar; an instrument which—much like the name suggests—is a guitar shaped musical device forged out of an old Atari console. Never fear, for now there is video proof of this modded dream machine in action. If your speakers go to 11, we suggest you adjust them accordingly:

Spotted by Topless Robot, the gAtari was created using the innards of an Atari 2600 and custom-made software which allows cTrix to jam with its classic sounds. The Frankensteined instrument is also equipped with an Atari controller for switching tracks, plus a trio of peddles for messing with the EQ and adding extra effects. Guitar aficionados might argue the gAtari is less of a guitar and more of a portable keyboard, but we’re guessing cTrix wasn’t cool with calling it a KeyTari.

cTrix is an Australian musician who has been in the chiptune scene for a few years. Check out his other Game Boy, C64, Lynx and Amiga creations—as well as more tracks and videos—on his official page.

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