Game of Thrones fans are asking for another sequel series – with Arya

A Jon Snow series is in the works, but Game of Thrones fans have taken to social media to pitch another sequel idea: West of Westeros with Maisie Williams’ Arya Stark. The Game of Thrones season 8 finale saw the youngest Stark child set her sights out west, setting sail for the unexplored region away from Westeros.

For many, it still feels like the perfect setup for a Thrones spin-off. One wrote on Twitter (opens in new tab), “Give us an Arya sequel! She’s sailing around the world & she’s a trained assassin now.” Another added (opens in new tab), “Give us the Arya Stark sequel you cowards!”

Others were more outspoken (opens in new tab): “Was Maisie Williams busy? Why would you go back to ‘Man who literally does nothing for eight seasons’ instead of ‘Girl who decides to go exploring the unknown’ like VERY OBVIOUSLY ‘Arya Stark and the Dawn Treaders’ is the sequel series. What are we doing?” Another said (opens in new tab), “Sorry, I’d rather an Arya Stark sequel series instead. Focus on the one and only living character they didn’t ruin.”

Some have even latched on to the catchy West of Westeros name to signal their demands for a sequel series. “West of Westeros (WoW), gets my vote,” wrote one (opens in new tab). One fan commented (opens in new tab), “The people want to know what’s west of Westeros!!!”

Even if an Arya sequel doesn’t come to pass, Game of Thrones is still expanding its universe in other ways. A Targaryen-set prequel, House of the Dragon, is hitting HBO in August. Creator George R.R. Martin has also recently updated fans on two more projects, The Sea Snake and Ten Thousand Ships. Both are currently in pre-production.

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