Full-fat Oblivion remake Skyblivion shows off revamped favorites as it eyes “the end of road”

Fan-made remake Skyblivion has made “a great deal of progress” since its August 2021 development update, as the mod team demonstrated in the project’s latest stunning showcase. 

Skyblivion set out with the Herculean task of remaking all of Oblivion in the latest Elder Scrolls game engine, and it’s grown into a team of over 50 volunteer developers across a range of disciplines. The latest development diary reiterates that the remake is “still a ways out” but also highlights the great strides that Skyblivion has made. 

For example, “the majority of the 3D assets on our to-do list have been completed,” thanks in part to some help from the Beyond Skyrim modding collaboration, and the art team is now moving onto the final push to polish off the core architecture – and actively seeking volunteer 3D artists to support their ongoing work. 

“We are finally seeing the end of the road, but there is still work to be done,” the video adds.

Skyblivion continues to look amazing in motion. This update video focuses on the surprisingly diverse goblin tribes, a beautiful reconstruction of the town of Bruma, updated clothes for the NPCs of Cyrodiil, as well as fan-favorite weapons and Daedric artifacts. 

The sword of Umbra, for instance, has a new soul-draining visual effect which adds to its dangerous lore. The iconic Goldbrand katana has an embellished fire effect, too, and the Dark Brotherhood’s Bow of Infernal Frost looks like an even deadlier icy-hot sniper. Skyblivion is promising a mix of reimagined and overhauled weapons and artifacts, and we can’t wait to see how they feel when the remake is finally released in due time. 

Oblivion’s dialogue system was a major inspiration for Bethesda’s next game, Starfield.

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