Fruit Ninja Kinect gets free Xmas DLC

Halfbrick Studios has released a free Christmas DLC pack for Fruit Ninja Kinect, allowing players to experience the sensation of waving their arms as a sentient fruit globe, chopping up watermelons with a sharpened candy-cane inside Santa’s workshop. Geez, guys, give us something we haven’t done before.

The free content is a lot safer than that trick where you suck on a candy-cane to sharpen the end to a fine point then go around prodding people with it (someone else out there has done this, right?); it’s also less likely to see your access to holiday candies cut off for the year, which is probably a bonus. You’ll pay 800 MSP for Fruit Ninja Kinect if you’re picking it up as a Christmas thank-you to your Xbox for all those hours of fun and distraction; Halfbrick calls this a “limited-time price,” so if the notion of ruining countless perfectly good melons appeals, don’t delay.

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