Fringe Boss Promises Youll Learn A Lot More About?

…Well, we know how spoilerphobic Fringe fans are, so only read on if you can endure teasingly vague spoilers

In the remainder of this season of Fringe we’ll not only be learning a lot more about the Observers, but also we’ll finally be told something about that mysterious guy who popped up in the Zeppelin the animated episode last year, and revealed that he was destined to kill Olivia.

Speaking to TVLine , producer JH Wyman says, “We ourselves get frustrated with other shows that only ask questions and leave things up in the air and don’t really answer them, so we really take pride in saying, ‘Look our drama is strong enough that we can actually answer the questions.’ Let’s just say that we’re going to try and get you satisfying conclusions for all those things that are up in the air… You’ll learn a lot more about the Observers this year. And yes, you probably will understand a lot about that guy in the zeppelin.”

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