Four minutes of Green Lantern footage arrives online

Four minutes of Green Lantern footage has arrived online, following a successful WonderCon preview.

The footage, that you can watch for yourself right now at Apple (opens in new tab) , is condensed from the 20 minutes that were shown at the currently-running convention.

Following a lacklustre response to the initial trailer, we’ve been promised that a more impressive promo would arrive soon, possibly in front of Thor .

The ambitious special effects have been problematic so far, with the first trailer revealing Ryan Reynolds’ fully-CGI costume before the FX work was complete.

This new look at the movie isn’t going to convert its staunchest critics, but it does indicate some marked improvements in the visuals, particularly Reynolds’ supersuit.

It also acts a pretty tantalising promo in its own right, setting up the movie’s intriguing context, and providing revealing glimpses of Geoffrey Rush’s voicework as Tomar-Re, and an impressively-augmented Mark Strong as Sinestro.

We also get a good look at the varied population of the Green Lantern Corps. Oh, and the new footage also proves that, as expected, Reynolds should be utterly ace as Jordan.

Watch the condensed WonderCon footage here (opens in new tab) .

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