First look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt on set of The Dark Knight Rises

The avalanche of pictures from the Pittsburgh set of The Dark Knight Rises over the last couple of days have unveiled yet another of its cast.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was spotted alongside Marion Cotillard, possibly in costume and by the look of it, deep in thought.

Gordon-Levitt is playing John Blake, a Gotham-City cop assigned a special duty by newly appointed Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman).

We know from the teaser trailer that Gordon may not be in the best shape, so this leaves us to ponder over what role the beat cop will be performing whilst Gordon is out of action in hospital.

Still to be spotted on set is Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman, but there have been whispers that they’ll be ‘action scenes’ between her and Cotillard’s character Miranda Tate, so it shouldn’t be long before more spoiler shots are released.

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