Exclusive poster for The Monk starring Vincent Cassel

The Monk opens in the UK next month, and to give you a feel for the film we’ve got an exclusive quad poster, which you can check out in full below.

Starring Vincent Cassel, the film is an adaptation of Matthew Lewis’ gothic novel, from way back in 1796. Famed for its horrific images and violence, the text became quite influential, particularly on the Surrealist movement: Luis Buñuel almost filmed the novel in the ‘60s, before Ado Kyrou adapted that script into Le Moine in 1972.

The story follows Cassel’s titular monk Capucino Ambrosio, a devout religious man who’s led down a very dark path by his carnal temptation. You can understand why it caused a stir with 18th-Century readers…

Check out The Monk poster below:

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The quad wears the film’s gothic ancestry on the sleeves of its hooded cape, and Cassel once again reinstates himself as a man with an unbeatably intense stare.

The Monk opens on 27 April 2012.

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